A hilarious, if somewhat fictionalized, portrait based on the political career of a recent Iranian official. Hamed Behdad plays a brash fellow from the provinces who barges his way into politics, despite his difficulty pronouncing long words in front of Parliament. He is mistakenly identified as a hero when a bomb explodes at an officially sanctioned rock concert, and becomes a popular choice for candidate. His campaign slogan—“When there is a culture problem, turn it into a security problem”—soon gets out of control and leads to misunderstandings on all sides. As he gains ground with the electorate, his malapropisms and off-the-wall reasoning serve as comedy, while the film shows how public opinion can turn.

“Like Rupert Pupkin in Martin Scorsese's The King of Comedy, he’s a fabulist whose attempts to act out his fantasies become uneasily successful.” —Sydney Morning Herald

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Kamal Tabrizi
Farsi with English subtitles
Running Time
90 minutes
Digital, Color