Introduced by curatorial assistants Laura Minton (prints & drawings) and Marijana Rayl (photography) in conjunction with the exhibition Always Greener: Seeing and Seeking Suburbia

John Waters’s Serial Mom is an edgy comedic satire of America’s obsession with the economic prosperity that followed World War II. Kathleen Turner plays the quintessential suburban wife and mother who is quite tightly wound. As the body count begins to rise in the neighborhood, a police investigation get closer to the truth—threatening the family’s perfect world. Ricki Lake, Sam Waterston, and plenty of star cameo appearances complete the eclectic cast.

• Defense for the Damned: John Waters on “Serial Mom”

• Some Secrets about John Waters’s Murderous Mother’s Day Classic

• John Waters Reveals Why He Never Made Another Movie with Kathleen Turner after “Serial Mom”

• Curatorial assistants Laura Minton and Marijana Rayl discuss the complementary sensibilities of “Serial Mom” and the exhibition “Always Greener.”

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John Waters
Running Time
95 minutes
Digital, Color