Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841–1919) is known and loved for his Impressionist paintings of Paris, among the world's favorites. However, Renoir grew tired of this style and changed course. This stunning film—highlighting the remarkable collection of 181 Renoir works at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia—examines the direction he then took and why it provokes such extreme reactions to this day. 

Some people claim they are repulsed by Renoir’s later works, and some claim they are seduced. What may be most surprising is that among the many artists who sought out Renoir's new works and were clearly influenced by them are two giants of the 20th century: Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. Revered and Reviled offers a fresh biography of Renoir, but more than that, it uncovers a rarely told story that places Renoir as a critical link between the old and the new.

Running Time
90 minutes