Tied for top film of the year in the “Best Movies of 2018” list from New York Times critic A.O. Scott!

The latest observational nonfiction film from venerable documentarian Frederick Wiseman explores a small town (population 1,500) in rural America. Without narration, the camera follows residents in all aspects of their lives, illustrating how values such as community service, duty, spiritual life, generosity, and authenticity are formed and experienced. After years of focus on people and institutions in big cities, Wiseman (born 1930) presents a complex and nuanced view of a way of life not always recognized or understood.

“Frederick Wiseman is a documentary giant. His new film may just change the way you look at small-town America.” —Washington Post

“Wiseman transforms the specifics of his encounters, observations, and analyses of public life in a small Midwestern town into a work of political symbolism. Monrovia, Indiana is nothing less than a work of mourning for the American soul.” —New Yorker

“Plays like a gentle rebuke to those Red State Man pieces, insisting that there’s more dimension to an American small town than we’re used to seeing.” —NPR

“Wiseman’s comic sense is as wicked as ever.” —Film Comment

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Frederick Wiseman
Running Time
143 minutes
Digital, Color