Introduced by filmmaker Carlos Rossini

Since 2006, when a war on drugs and organized crime was declared, there have been about 60,000 narco-related fatalities in Mexico. Within this culture of violence, in the city of Monterrey sits San Pedro Garza Garcia, the richest municipality in Latin America. Presiding over this wealthy enclave is outspoken mayor Mauricio Fernández Garza, a millionaire who is determined to end the violence through any means necessary. A controversial figure, Fernández has no qualms about how he gets his job done, nor do his residents seem to mind—especially since crime rates have decreased. This intimate portrait of the controversial politician offers a glimpse of the situation in Mexico and exactly what it means to fight violence with violence.

Carlos Federico Rossini, born in Argentina in 1976, studied film at the CCC in Mexico City. In 2004 he and Emiliano Altuna created Bambú Audiovisual to produce documentaries and fiction works. He has worked as a director and director of photography on diverse film projects. He codirected El Ciruelo (2008) with Altuna.

Please note: This film contains scenes of wild-game hunting.

Emiliano Altuna Fistolera, Diego Enrique Osorno, Carlos Federico Rossini
Spanish with English subtitles
Running Time
81 minutes