Marius and Fanny, two young shopkeepers on the harbor front of Marseille, always seemed destined to marry, but Marius cannot overcome his urge to break free and explore the open sea. His father, César, is oblivious to the crisis, as is Honoré Panisse, the aged widower who is also vying for Fanny’s hand—until Fanny, knowing that Marius’s happiness lies in the balance, changes their lives forever.

“A classic of poetic French cinema . . . often remade and remade, but never equaled.” —The New York Times

“Gentle, humane, embracing a full range from slapstick to tragedy, Marcel Pagnol’s trilogy about the people of the Marseille waterfront has bewitched audiences for decades.” Village Voice

“Savour the finely drawn character studies, the triumphant acting, the warmth, humanity, and tightly-reined sentimentality of Pagnol’s whole outlook.” —Time Out London

Read Michael Sragow’s Film Comment essay on the Marseille Trilogy, Pagnol’s “dance of death and life.”

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Alexander Korda
French with English subtitles
Running Time
127 minutes
Digital, B/W