Introduced by director Juán Martín Hsu

Thousands flock to Buenos Aires’s La Salada, South America’s largest market. This poignant debut explores the vibrant locale through the stories of new immigrants and sheds light on the diverse immigrant community. Mr. Kim (Chang Sun Kim) operates a clothing stand and lives with his daughter Yun Jin (Yun Seon Kim), who is unhappy about her father’s selection of her future husband. Mr. Kim befriends and hires Bruno (Limbert Ticona), an illegal immigrant from Bolivia. And lonely Huang (Ignacio Huang) sells pirated DVDs while spending his nights calling home to Taiwan. Juán Martín Hsu depicts the immigrant experience with sensitivity, capturing the spirit of a fascinating subculture.

Juán Martín Hsu, born in Buenos Aires in 1979, earned a bachelor of art degree in image and sound design from the University of Buenos Aires. La Salada was awarded the Films in Progress Prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival in 2013 and earned the "Taller Proa Cine" scholarship in 2007. Since 2003 he has written and directed three short films which have won several international awards. He has experience in the film business where he has served as script editor, executive producer, and film editor.

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Juán Martín Hsu
Spanish with English subtitles
Running Time
92 minutes
DCP, Color