Invited guest: director Laura Mora Ortega

Outside her Medellín home, 22-year-old Paula’s professor father is gunned down by a young assassin. Later, out with friends at a nightclub, Paula is shocked to see her father’s killer across the dance floor. She learns the man’s name—Jesús—and approaches him in hopes of seeking vengeance. Instead, an unlikely friendship develops between the two.

Laura Mora Ortega’s feature-film debut intermingles moments of anxiety and frustration by illustrating how both Paula and Jesús are the victims of a corrupt society—and how lives can fall apart in an instant.

About the Special Guest
Laura Mora Ortega was born in Medellín, Colombia, in 1981. She graduated from film school in Melbourne, Australia, where she directed two award-winning short films: West and Brotherhood. In 2012, along with Colombia’s top director Carlos Moreno, she directed more than 35 episodes of the award-winning TV series Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord. Killing Jesús is her debut feature film.

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Laura Mora Ortega
Spanish with English subtitles
Running Time
99 minutes
Digital, Color