*Introduced by filmmaker Victoria Galardi

Divorced and living with her teenage daughter, Lu (Valeria Bertuccelli) asks her close friend Ana (Elena Anaya) to house-sit while she goes away with her new fiancée. Ana spends her days lazing by the pool, afflicted by a deep loneliness. During this time, Ana gets to know Lu’s ex-husband and begins an affair that will have profound implications on her friendship with Lu. Victoria Galardi’s second solo feature is an honest and poignant commentary on loneliness and friendship between women. Subtle, tender, and complemented by a magnificent cast, Galardi explores the many conditions and challenges that friendships are forced to face.

Victoria Galardi was born in Argentina in 1977. She studied screen writing in Buenos Aires and in New York. She attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, studying directing and acting. She wrote the feature film Lovely Loneliness, codirected with Martin Carranza in November 2007. It was nominated by the Argentina Academy as best first feature film. In 2008 she wrote Cerro Bayo, her second feature film as a director. In 2009 Galardi, along with Cindy Teperman and Julian Ledesma, created Gale Cine, a production company dedicated to produce feature films and shorts. She wrote and directed I Thought It Was a Party, which was nominated by the Argentine Academy for best editing, best cinematography, and best production design.

Victoria Galardi
Spanish with English subtitles
Running Time
85 minutes