A young filmmaker is doing research for her new project. She approaches a nice boy and bombards him with questions about his love life, one question even more intimate than another. Hesitantly, he agrees to cooperate, even though after a while he starts to realize that she wants more than just answers.

Hit the Night director Jeong Ga-young plays the lead role as the sassy, rather lonely young woman who apparently has done this before. She slowly gets the man drunk, finding out just about everything about him, but he remains more or less immune to her charms. She in turn is not interested in the nice guy she meets later in the evening in a karaoke bar. In a simple style obviously reminiscent of the work of Hong Sang-soo (Grass), Jeong still manages to develop her own recipe: mildly melancholic, mixed with rebellion and a dash of feminism.

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Jeong Ga-young
Korean with English subtitles
South Korea
Running Time
85 minutes
Digital, Color