In a country locked between Israel and Egypt, Gaza’s youth yearn to travel beyond their congested strip of land. But Gaza is also bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, and some young people are drawn to the beaches. Surfers find personal freedom in the waves, which reveals the resilience of the beleaguered population.  

“Audiences everywhere will be embracing Gaza Surf Club an inspiring, warmhearted look at a group of resilient spirits who find a way to indulge their passion for surfing while living in the Gaza Strip, one of the world’s most battle-scarred locales.” —Variety

At the Toronto International Film Festival, one of the filmmakers commented, “we heard that we’ve managed to 'humanize’ people that are often thought of as less than that.” In a region where politics and religion are always under the spotlight, the two producer-directors aimed to take a different approach, although the duo didn’t shy away from speaking about politics, whether it was the U.S. president-elect or Aleppo. —Hollywood Reporter

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Philip Gnadt and Mickey Yamine
Arabic, English, and Hawaiian with English subtitles
Running Time
87 minutes
Digital, Color