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“Women of the House: Roles of 18th-Century Women”

Discover the portraits of women in the Rienzi Collection through this tour. Learn about Mrs. Elisha Mathew, Lady Elizabeth Blunt, and Eleanor, Countess of Lauderdale, among others. The tour also explores wares that were produced for a female audience.

About Focus Tours
Enjoy an in-depth discussion about an intriguing aspect of the Rienzi Collection. These small, personal tours are limited to 10 people.

This event is free with Rienzi admission! Reservations are encouraged: 713.639.7800.

Education programs at Rienzi receive generous funding from the Sterling-Turner Foundation; The Brown Foundation, Inc.; the Carroll Sterling and Harris Masterson III Endowment; and the Caroline Wiess Law Endowment for Rienzi.