Comedy fuses with science fiction in this quirky film about the chaos that ensues when an “elk” (in effect, a tall individual who wears a coat, does not speak, and has an elk’s head and antlers) emerges from the forest near a small town. Accepted by a family who interacts with him as if nothing is unusual, they initially shelter their guest from their neighbors. But not for long! Meanwhile a handsome television presenter arrives, seeking his daughter, while an “extra-human life expert” pontificates about alien invasions, and an ominous giant rock circles overhead. In his highly original debut feature, Labroue enlists a remarkable cast (Aurélia Petit, Olivier Broche, François Morel) to enact an absurdist story with hints of Monty Python.

Étienne Labroue
French with English subtitles
Running Time
82 minutes