From a young age, blue-eyed, baby-faced Carlitos (Lorenzo Ferro) has stolen just because he can. When he meets Ramón (Chino Darín), the son of career criminals, the attraction he feels for his classmate propels Carlitos into more serious crime: murder. Loosely based on the real-life Argentinean serial killer Carlos Robledo Puch, nicknamed “Angel of Death” for his cherub-like looks, Carlitos doesn’t trust reality nor understand the consequences of his actions. Fast-paced and gorgeously photographed, director Luis Ortega’s The Angel delves into the psyche of an outlaw, while reflecting on how violence is glamorized on the screen.

“Captivatingly nasty.” —Noir City

“The film has the appearance of velour: dark, warm tones that make even the most mundane spaces sensual and inviting. Director Luis Ortega uses Spanish-language rock and pop hits like Martin Scorsese did in Goodfellas, giving the audience a taste of the time, and insight to the mindset of these men.” —

“His violence isn’t a question of revenge or sadism. It’s a matter of fact. The law simply doesn’t stick to him. It slides off, like director Luis Ortega’s gliding camera, zooming toward, away, and around Carlos’s body ever so sensuously.” —Slant 

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Luis Ortega
Spanish with English subtitles
Running Time
118 minutes
Digital, Color