Set in the late 1980s near the Colombian-Venezuelan border, Rober Calzadilla’s suspenseful first feature reveals the harrowing true story of the Amparo Massacre. A group of 14 men set out on a fishing trip, lazily traveling together and searching for good catches along the Arauco River. When they are suddenly gunned down, the lone two survivors make it back to their village, only to discover that the Venezuelan government accuses them of being guerillas. The villagers of Amparo rally around the men, defending them from the allegations. But the men and their neighbors find that trying to fight the intimidation tactics of the officials is an uphill battle that the government plans to win.

"El Amparo is not only a Venezuelan or Latin-American drama, it represents all the unsolved cases from which we don’t even hear about in the news: it is the 43 people from México that still expect justice, the Colombians murdered during the guerrilla times. It is all the people who have been somehow erased, silenced, then ignored by the power." - filmmaker Rober Calzadilla

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Rober Calzadilla
Spanish with English subtitles
Running Time
99 minutes
Digital, Color