“One of the 10 best movies of 2019 so far.” —IndieWire

Diamantino is an inspired blast of lunacy, with giant puppies.” —Los Angeles Times

“It intertwines international soccer, mad science, government conspiracy, refugee crises and stampedes of mammoth, fluffy puppies“Genre-blending and gender-bending satire about a vacuous Portuguese soccer hunk. When Diamantino (Carloto Cotta) learns of the European refugee crisis, it shatters his sheltered worldview and drains him of the idyllic ignorance that fuels his athletic prowess. He resolves to adopt an African refugee, only to find that his new ‘son’ is an undercover lesbian tax auditor investigating Diamantino on suspicion of corruption.” —Toronto International Film Festival

• “On the playing field, Diamantino doesn’t see his human opponents. Instead he sees ‘fluffy puppies,’ giant Pekingese dogs romping in pink clouds, around whom he navigates his offensive drive.” —New York Times

• “This wildly entertaining Portuguese spoof about giant puppies and soccer stars is the movie the world needs now.” —IndieWire

 “Lovably ludicrous. Part loopily queer sci-fi thriller, part faux-naive political rallying cry, glued together with candyfloss clouds of romantic reverie.” —Variety

• “The kind of out-there plot that John Waters might have concocted had he ever taken an extensive screenwriting holiday on XTC in the Algarve. A smart exploration of the transgressive nature of queer desire. Finally, you can have your B-movie cake and eat it with grade-A ideas too.” —Hollywood Reporter

• “A sweetly bizarre fantasy mocking the cult of fame” —Sight & Sound via BFI

• Cannes interview with the filmmakers —Film Comment

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Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt
Portuguese with English subtitles
Running Time
92 minutes
Digital, Color