Appearance by director Margarita Hernández

Debut filmmaker Margarita Hernández presents a side of Che Guevara not found in other films. Yes, Guevara was the Argentinean doctor who rode his motorcycle across the continent to fight for the Cuban Revolution. But Che, Memories of a Secret Year illuminates a little-known time in the revolutionary’s life in 1965: after Fidel Castro famously read Guevara’s resignation from Cuban governmental duties on camera. Guevara then mysteriously disappeared—hiding in Tanzania and Prague, where, as the result of prosthetics and a new identity, he evaded CIA agents.

About the Filmmaker
Margarita Hernández was born in Cuba. She is a writer, producer and director. She studied filmmaking in Brazil, where she has lived since 1992. She is the director of Bucanero Filmes, and coordinator of the Ceará Ibero-American Film Festival. Her filmography includes Laberinto (2001), Filipe (2006), and Pausas (2013). Ché, Memories of a Secret Year (2018) is her latest feature.

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Margarita Hernández
Spanish with English subtitles
Running Time
79 minutes
Digital, Color