All ticket holders are invited to the Centerpiece Reception on Saturday, October 14, at 6 p.m. in the North Foyer of the Caroline Wiess Law Building.

Sweeping up the top awards of 2016 at Turkey’s largest film festival in Antalya—winning best film, director, and script—this acclaimed feature debut concentrates on 12-year-old Ali (Selim Kaya), who recognizes injustice when he sees it. 

When his father is killed in a work accident, the farm blames the father. But Ali and his mother know otherwise and they have sued in court, determined to see justice done. Meanwhile, to help her make ends meet, Ali works in a village repair shop, putting the tips aside to buy his dream bicycle. His school flame, Elif (Bahriye Arin), is president of student council and is supposed to represent the group at an event in the city, but she is passed over by the principal in favor of a boy from a more prominent family. Together with his best friend Yusuf (Eray Kilicarslan), Ali starts a campaign to support Elif because he always fights for what is right—and his blue bike will have to wait.

Nominated for Best Film at the 2016 Berlin International Film Festival (Germany), Bogota Film Festival (Colombia), Giffoni Children’s Film Festival (Italy), and the Istanbul International Film Festival

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Ümit Köreken
Turkish with English subtitles
Running Time
94 minutes
Digital, B/W