Nina (Lola Dewaere) and her husband, Gaspard (Grégory Fitoussi), run a successful swimsuit company in Paris. Only too happy to get time alone with his mistress, Gaspard offers Nina a one-month weight-loss program in the Alps. At the spa, Nina is befriended by two women with big personalities: Emilie (Catherine Hosmalin), the warm, full-figured homemaker who claims that "big is beautiful" but comes to the spa every year and won’t admit that she is not as happy or healthy as she appears; and Sophie (Victoria Abril), an entirely redone attorney who refuses to age, diets to control her body, and pays for sex to control her heart. The trio become fast friends, sharing fun and mishap, and along the way realize that happiness and success can come only from self-acceptance.

Generous support for Five Funny French Films is provided by L'Alliance Française; The French Embassy/French Cultural Services; the Consulate General of France in Houston; Texan-French Alliance for the Arts; and Nina and Michael Zilkha.

Charlotte de Turckheim
French with English subtitles
Running Time
100 minutes