Recommended for ages 8+.

The New York International Children's Film Festival is North America's largest festival of film for children and teens, and stands at the forefront of a movement to define a new, more provocative and compelling film for kids. Each year the festival presents a carefully curated collection of the best new animation, live action and experimental film from around the world in an exhilarating festival atmosphere with all the immediacy and excitement of a Cannes or Sundance.

The New York International Children’s Film Festival presents a collection of hilarious, heartfelt, and beautiful short films from around the world, suitable for older kids ages 8 to 18, including festival award-winners and audience favorites. Shorts come from Latvia, Argentina, France, Colombia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Canada, and the United States.

Experimental, Alexandre Dubosc, 2011, 3 min.
Spinning cakes create zoetrope animation effects—giving viewers new insight into the origins of cameras, projectors and animation, as well as a major craving for dessert!

At the Opera
Animation, Juan Pablo Zaramella, 2011, 1 min.
Juan Pablo Zaramella (creator of last year’s Luminaris) brings us his new film about a particularly moving night at the opera. Guaranteed to move you to tears!

Choir Tour
Animation, Edmunds Jansons, 2012, 5 min.
It’s a wild free-for-all when a famous boys’ choir breaks away from their conductor while on tour in Seoul and causes mayhem in the hotel. Cool graphic design, wonderful visual humor, and music, beautiful music!

The Fox and the Chickadee
Animation, Evan DelRushie, 2012, 7.5 min.
Mr. Fox thinks he has Chickadee right where he wants her: trapped and ready to be eaten. But the cunning little Chickadee knows where the farmer hides the key to the chicken coop. If only Mr. Fox will cooperate, the two can work together to steal that much larger and more delicious feast.

Fresh Guacamole
Animation, PES, 2012, 1.5 min.
PES is back with this latest (and Oscar-nominated) take on the culinary arts. Pass the chips! From the creator of past NYICFF favorites Western Spaghetti, The Deep, and Game Over.

Animation, Carlos Smith Rovira, 2012, 8 min.
When sleeping at her grandmother’s house in the countryside, a little city girl becomes spooked by the wrinkled, weather-worn old woman and the unfamiliar surroundings. In this beautifully animated fable, she learns that it is our roots that give us strength.

I’m Going to Mums
New Zealand
Live Action, Lauren Jackson, 2012, 13 min.
Poor Jacob. His newly divorced parents insist on dressing him in ridiculous clothes to spite each other—and the continual changing of outfits becomes a parade of absurdity. With his parents’ feuding getting worse by the day, Jacob resorts to desperate fashion measures to assert his identity.

Animation, Franck Janin, 2011, 6 min.
Two dolls in a toy store are separated when a customer decides to buy one of them. In search of his lost partner, the other embarks on an emotional journey around the world.

Paper Touch
Animation, Hui-ching Tseng, 2011, 5 min.
Paper cutouts and corrugated cardboard burst into origami action to create a hybrid pinball-pachinko machine in this gorgeous and highly imaginative stop-motion short.

Snack Attack
Animation, Andrew Cadelago, 2012, 4. 5 min.
Waiting to board the train, an old lady just wants to eat her cookies in peace. But the young punk on the platform next to her seems intent on sharing her snack . . . or is something else going on here?

Subway Train
Animation, Garrett Davis, 2011, 4 min.
Set to the funky beats of the Pop Ups, this music video features oddly morphing animals on their morning commute—and one epic pan-flute solo.

Summer Bummer
Animation, Bill Plympton, 2011, 1.5 min.
From world-renowned animator and friend-of-the-festival Bill Plympton, a man with a case of shark paranoia has second thoughts before diving into his pool, reminding us that the greatest fear is fear itself.. . . Right?

The Vacuum Kid
Documentary, Katharine Mahalic, 2011, 10 min.
A charming 12-year-old boy shares his unusual passion for vacuum cleaners.

Various countries
Running Time
68 minutes