04 May
Sat / 2019

  1. FILMS
    Birds of Passage (Pájaros de verano)

    The rise and fall of rival Wayuu clans in northern Colombia unfolds as an epic tragedy of pride, greed, and the clash between old and new worlds.

  2. FILMS

    While preparing for an exhibition at Montevideo’s National Museum, a painter struggles to maintain a bond with his daughter and to accept his ex-wife’s new relationship and pregnancy.

  3. FILMS
    The Angel (El ángel)

    A box-office sensation and Argentina’s Oscar submission for Best Foreign Film, The Angel tells the true story of a baby-faced teenager who committed some 40 robberies and 11 homicides in the 1960s.

05 May
Sun / 2019

  1. FILMS
    Che, Memories of a Secret Year (Che, memorias de un año secreto)

    A documentary following Che Guevara's “disappearance” in December 1965, when the Argentinean guerrilla commander hid in Tanzania and Prague.

    Sunday Family Zone

    Beck Building

    Families can drop in for a variety of games, activities, and coloring in the galleries. Sunday Family Zone focuses on different works of art, artists, and exhibitions. Recommended for ages 3+

    Gallery Tour “Vincent van Gogh: His Life in Art”

    Beck Building

    Vincent van Gogh: His Life in Art follows the artist through four key stages of his career, from early sketches to final paintings. This hour-long, docent-led tour explores the exhibition and encourages visitors to discuss the art together.

  4. FILMS
    Florianópolis Dream (Sueño de Florianópolis)

    Two married psychoanalysts on the verge of separating bring their teenagers on vacation from Buenos Aires to the Brazilian island Florianópolis, where the parents spent time early in their relationship.

    Houston Grand Opera Studio: Recital at Rienzi


    Sparkling evening recitals in Rienzi’s ballroom feature the exceptional talents of up-and-coming Houston Grand Opera Studio artists. 

  6. FILMS

    In films such as Children of MenGravity, and Y Tu Mamá También, Alfonso Cuarón demonstrates an uncanny ability to reflect on the human condition while offering boldly entertaining cinematic experiences. Roma chronicles a year in the life of a middle-class family in 1970s Mexico City. 

  7. FILMS
    The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste García (El viaje extraordinario de Celest García)

    In this comic Cuban sci-fi adventure, a widowed schoolteacher gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit another planet.

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