In person: producer Estefanía Ortiz

Putting Paraguay on the cinematic map, 7 Boxes brings an inventive ingenuity to the traditional crime thriller. The setting is the country’s capital Asunción, a boiling urban hub that houses the infamous "municipal marketplaces”: a chaotic maze of vendors’ stalls hawking everything from produce and garments to pirated DVDs and cell phones. The film centers on Hollywood-obsessed wheelbarrow carter Victor (Celso Franco) whose greatest wish is for a camera cell phone to make a film. When he’s offered a $100 dollar bill for the transfer of seven boxes, his dream seems set to become a reality. But the competition for work is fierce, and a violent competitor is determined to claim Victor’s cargo. Trading car chases for wheelbarrow races, this first feature is a brilliantly low-tech homage to the Hollywood suspense-action genre. 

Sunday, May 5 screening is free for students with ID.

Estefanía Ortiz has been a producer of commercial short films and documentaries since 2007, when she joined Magnelia-Schémbori as set-up designer. In 2009, she started as chief of production for the Paraguayan feature film 7 Cajas, now in worldwide distribution. Since 2010, she has worked on the TV show Telecomio as chief of production. Ortiz is an architect with a master’s degree in artistic film direction from the Escola Superior de Cinema Audiovisuals—Catalunya.

Juan Carlos Maneglia and Tana Schémbori
Spanish with English subtitles
Running Time
100 minutes