Beginning with 7 Up in 1964, Michael Apted’s documentary anthology has examined the lives of a select group of Britons, checking in every seven years. 63 Up, the ninth and possibly final installment, revisits the remaining participants. They share thoughts about the project’s premise of whether their upbringing and social class has influenced them throughout their lives, as audiences observe their transformation over the years.

• “If this is the final chapter, as Apted suggests it could be, it’s a worthy cap to one of the boldest experiments in world cinema.” —Variety

• “As much an examination of the prejudices and predispositions of Michael Apted as it is a reliable document of the lives in question, and the ways they have been lived. Still, it's a wonderful thing, this episodic reality, and it gets richer with time.” —London Evening Standard

• “There’s great pleasure in revisiting this series, seeing who turned out just fine and sometimes better than you might have expected or hoped. Apted was in his early 20s when he started working on the first film. In a 2013 interview timed to 56 Up, he said he realized ‘If we do 84 Up, I’ll be 99.’ Here’s hoping.” —New York Times

• “So beautiful and bittersweet. . . The Up series has become a singular portrait of life itself.” —IndieWire

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Michael Apted
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