Introduced by Mr. Ferhat Alkan, Consul General of Turkey and Mr. Takeshi Sugiura, Vice Consul, Consulate General of Japan in Houston

This moving and dramatic historical epic is based on events that happened a century apart. In 1890 the Ottoman frigate Ertuğrul, on its way home after paying a courtesy visit to the emperor of Japan, was driven aground in a typhoon and wrecked in the Pacific Ocean. Hearing the alarm bell that warned of a vessel in distress, local villagers provided assistance, saving 69 from a crew of 600. The film flashes forward to 1985, during the Iran–Iraq War, when the evacuation of Japanese citizens in Tehran was aided by officials at the Turkish Embassy who arranged for a safe departure during the dangerous bombing raids. These two humanitarian initiatives have indelibly linked Turkey and Japan.

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Mitsutoshi Tanaka
in Japanese and Turkish with English subtitles
Running Time
122 minutes
DCP, Color