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  1. Japanese
    Samurai Horse Mask (Bamen)

    17th century
    Lacquered papier-mâché

    Museum purchase funded by Jack S. Blanton, Jr. and Marty E. Goossen in honor of Leslie Blanton and Kathy Goossen at "One Great Night in November, 2018;" Dr. David Y. Graham; and the Japan Business Association Fund

  2. Japanese
    Uchikake (Wedding Kimono)

    late 19th century
    Silk and gold

    Museum purchase funded by Ms. Miwa S. Sakashita and Dr. John R. Stroehlein

  3. Tokuriki Honten Co., Ltd.
    Japanese, established 1727
    Amenbo (Water Strider) Vase

    c. 1912–1926

    Museum purchase funded by Sandra Tirey and Jan van Lohuizen; and Paul and Barbara Schwartz

  4. Enomoto Chikatoshi
    Japanese, 1898–1973
    Christmas Eve

    c. 1933
    Color, ink, gold, metallic pigments and silica on silk

    Museum purchase funded by Nanako and Dale Tingleaf

  5. Ito Shinsui
    Japanese, 1898–1972
    Clock and Beauty, no. IV (Tokei to bijin, IV)

    published 1964
    Woodblock print on Japanese paper

    Museum purchase funded by Nanako and Dale Tingleaf

  6. Kajikawa School
    Japanese, active 17th–19th centuries
    Sagemono: Inro featuring sea life

    19th century
    Lacquer, gold, wood, bone, mother-of-pearl, silver, bronze

    Museum purchase funded by the Museum Collectors

  7. Spanish
    Processional Cross

    c. 1400
    Silver-gilt, enamel and wood

    Museum purchase funded by the Brown Foundation Accessions Endowment Fund

  8. Japanese
    Okegawa-do Tosei Gusoku (Samurai Chest Armor with Riveted Cuirass)

    18th century
    Lacquer, velvet, silver, metal, gold, fiber, wood

    Museum purchase funded by the Friends of Asian Art; Dr. Ellen R. Gritz and Mr. Milton D. Rosenau, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Pershant Mehta; Ms. Miwa S. Sakashita and Dr. John R. Stroehlein, and the Elizabeth S. and Marjorie G. Horning Asian Art Accessions Endowment Fund

  9. Pablo Picasso
    Spanish, 1881–1973
    La Plainte des Femmes (The Complaints of Women)

    1933, printed 1966
    Drypoint and etching with incisions on cream laid paper, state IV/IV.C.b.

    Gift of Grace Phillips and Eugene Nosal

  10. Humberto Campana
    Brazilian, born 1953
    Anêmona Chair

    Plastic, steel, and aluminum

    Gift of the designers

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