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  1. After Élisabeth Louise Vigée-LeBrun
    French, 1755–1842
    Portrait of Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France

    Pastel on paper
  2. Jean-Honoré Fragonard
    French, 1732–1806
    Catherine Julie Xavièr de la Chabeaussière, Comtesse de Nègrepelisse

    Black and red chalk on laid paper
  3. Attributed to Roulland le Roux
    French, active 1509–1527
    Design for the Rouen Cathedral Tower

    Pen and ink, gray wash, stylus and compass marks, with traces of metalpoint on parchment attached to a later wooden spool
  4. Nicolas Lagneau (Lanneau)
    French, active Paris (?) c. 1600-1650
    Portrait of an Old Man

    c. 1600–1625
    Black and red chalk with ochre wash on laid paper
  5. Jacques Callot
    French, 1592–1635
    Compositional Study for Le Combat des Section d’Infanterie

    c. 1616
    Pen and brown ink and wash and red chalk over black chalk on laid paper
  6. Abraham Bloemaert
    Dutch, 1566–1651
    The Gateway to a Town

    c. 1630
    Pen and brown ink heightened with watercolor on laid paper
  7. Willem van de Velde II
    Dutch, 1633–1707
    The Launch of a Single-Deck Warship with a Royal Yacht in Attendance

    late 17th–early 18th century
    Black chalk and gray wash on laid paper
  8. Jan van Huysum
    Dutch, 1682–1749
    Study of a Vase of Flowers

    early to mid 1700s
    Black chalk and brush and ink with gray wash on laid paper
  9. French
    Project for a Decoration

    no date
    Pen and ink wash over pencil underdrawing on laid paper on laid paper secondary support
  10. School of Jean-Honoré Fragonard
    French, 1732–1806
    Untitled (Fête champêtre)

    possibly 18th century or probably 19th century
    Brush and brown wash, probably bistre, pen and brown ink over red ink underdrawing heightened and corrected with white lead on paper

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