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  1. Aoki Tomonobu (Ichiryu)
    Japanese, active Meiji era
    Censer (koro) in the form of a hawk

    c. 1895
    Silver, shibuichi, shakudo, and gold

    Museum purchase funded by Nidhika and Pershant Mehta; Dr. Ellen R. Gritz and Mr. Milton D. Rosenau, Jr.; Dr. David Y. Graham; Drew and Laura Tingleaf; Manmeet and Paul Likhari; and Friends of Asian Art

  2. Lakota
    Battle between Lakota and Chahiksichahiks (Pawnee)

    c. 1900
    Paint on muslin cloth

    Museum purchase funded by James C. Flores in honor of Jane Caldwell Flores, Mobridge South Dakota, First Rodeo Queen, at "One Great Night in November, 2018"

  3. Italian
    Embroidered Linen with Grotesques

    c. 1550–1600
    Silk embroidery and metal-wrapped thread on linen

    Museum purchase funded by Cecily E. Horton

  4. Flemish
    Chasuble with Scenes from the Lives of Christ and the Virgin

    c. 1510
    Silk, velvet, gold- and silver-wrapped thread, linen

    Museum purchase funded by Meredith J. Long in honor of Gary Tinterow at "One Great Night in November, 2018"

  5. Susan Hamlet
    American, born 1954
    Bowl Series #8

    Hastelloy, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, plastic, and rubber

    Gift of Helen Williams Drutt English in honor of the 90th Birthday of H. Peter Stern

  6. Japanese
    Uchikake (Wedding Kimono)

    late 19th century
    Silk and gold

    Museum purchase funded by Ms. Miwa S. Sakashita and Dr. John R. Stroehlein

  7. Tokuriki Honten Co., Ltd.
    Japanese, established 1727
    Amenbo (Water Strider) Vase

    c. 1912–1926

    Museum purchase funded by Sandra Tirey and Jan van Lohuizen; and Paul and Barbara Schwartz

  8. Korean
    Patchwork Bojagi (Wrapping Cloth)

    20th century
    Silk and cloth

    Museum purchase funded by Chong Ok Lee Matthew

  9. Korean
    Patchwork Bojagi (Wrapping Cloth)

    20th century
    Silk and cloth

    Museum purchase funded by Chong-Ok Lee Matthew

  10. Spanish
    Processional Cross

    c. 1400
    Silver-gilt, enamel and wood

    Museum purchase funded by the Brown Foundation Accessions Endowment Fund

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