Past Exhibitions (1925–Present)

*Denotes catalogue published by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, or by another publisher in conjunction with the exhibition.

The annual exhibitions Eye on Houston (formerly Eye on Third Ward: Jack Yates High School Photography) and Photo Forum are not included in this chronology.

Annual exhibitions of Texas, American, Pictorialist photography, and the Houston Camera Club

May 1929
Photographs by Eugene Delcroix

May 1930
Edward Weston

July 1932
František Drtikol

May 1932
An Exhibition of Photographs and Plans of Houses Selected from the 5th Annual Competition Conducted by the “House Beautiful” Magazine

May 1933
Photographs by Dr. Max Thorek

October 1934
Photographs by Frederic Browne

February 17–March 3, 1946
Photographs of Celebrated Dancers by John Lindquist

July 1948
Photography by Paul Linwood Gittings

May 16–June 6, 1956        
Photographs by Peter Fink

April 1960
Jeannette Klute Photographs

January 8–February 12, 1961
Photographs of Japanese Gardens and Architecture

March 8–May 4, 1964
A Photographic Corpus of African Art - Walker Evans

*November 30, 1965–January 24, 1966
The Galveston That Was: Photography by Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ezra Stoller

April 27–May 29, 1966
Photographs by Ted A. Rozumalski

July 3–August 3, 1969 
Perceptions in Photography: Peter Fink

October 18–November 8, 1971
As Time Developed . . . Documentary Photography

December 10, 1974–March 2, 1975
The North American Indian: Curtis Photogravures

* March 23–June 30, 1974
Geoff Winningham: Photographs

*September 11–October 26, 1975
Roy DeCarava

March 26–May 9, 1976
Lewis Baltz: The New Industrial Parks Near Irvine, California

June 10–July 25, 1976
Photographs: Wellesley Collection

June 22–July 23, 1976
The Third Eye: Photography Workshops for Children

September 16–November 28, 1976
The Photographic Book in Germany and France 1930–1960

*February 24–May 1, 1977
The Target Collection of American Photography

March 16–May 15, 1977
The Photographic Process

July 12–September 18, 1977
Farm Security Administration Photographs

*November 3–December 31, 1977
Contemporary American Photographic Works

November 12, 1977–January 8, 1978
Archaeology and Photography—Troy

February 11–April 2, 1978
George Krause Photographs

April 14–May 28, 1978
The American Monument—Photographs by Lee Friedlander

*July 20–September 24, 1978
Photographic Crossroads: The Photo League (co-organized with the Visual Studies Workshop)

August 12–November 12, 1978
Nijinsky´s L´Après Midi D´un Faune: Thirty-Three Photographs by Baron Adolphe de Meyer

October 4–November 12, 1978 
Photography: The Selected Image

February 23–April 12, 1978
Some Houston Photographers: A Guest Curator’s Choice

June 15–July 22, 1979
Imperial China: Photographs 1850–1912

July 12–September 16, 1978
Man Ray Books, Photographs, and Prints

*September 20–November 18, 1979
Target II: Five American Photographers

*October 3–December 2, 1979
The Anthony G. Cronin Memorial Collection

*February 20–April 13, 1980
Suzanne Bloom and Ed Hill (MANUAL): Research and Collaboration

November 11, 1980–January 7, 1981      
John Thomson Portfolios

February 20–April 26, 1981
Sidney Grossman: Photographs 1936–1955

September 11–November 11, 1981
Nijinsky´s L´Après-Midi D´un Faune: Photographs by Baron Adolphe de Meyer

November 24, 1981–February 28, 1982
Photography of Karl Blossfeldt and Ernst Fuhrmann

January 28–March 28, 1982
California Views: Three Portfolios

June 8–August 29, 1982
Photographs by Doris Ulmann

*July 23–September 19, 1982
Target III: In Sequence

September 3–October 24, 1982
In China: Photographs of Eva Arnold

*September 24–November 21, 1982
Paper and Light: The Calotype in France and Great Britain (co-organized with the Art Institute of  Chicago in cooperation with the University of Texas)

November 9, 1982–January 30, 1983
Twentieth Century European Photographs and Publications

February 18–April 3, 1983
Ansel Adams: An American Place, 1936

March 10–April 10, 1983
Butera’s First Food Photography Show

March 10–April 4, 1983
Contemporary Photography from the Museum’s Collections

May 6–July 3, 1983
Photographs and Portfolios by Paul Strand (co-organized with the Art Institute of Chicago)

*August 6–October 2, 1983
Eliot Porter: Intimate Landscapes 1950–1977

*January 24–April 18, 1984
Edward Steichen: The Condé Nast Years

April 24–June 5, 1984
Museum Collector’s Club Exhibition

*November 17, 1984–January 29, 1985
Unknown Territory: Photographs by Ray K. Metzker 1957–1983

January 15–March 16, 1985
Eleanor & Barbara: Photographs by Harry Callahan

May 28–August 11, 1985
Still Space and Time: Balanchine and Photography

June 3–August 11, 1985
Dance Photographs by Martha Swope

August 22–January 20, 1985
Thinking about Surfaces: Contemporary Prints & Photographs from the Collection of the MFAH

September 7–September 29, 1985
Fashion Photography

December 17, 1985–March 30, 1986
Museum Collectors: Five Years of Acquisition

*February 15–April 27, 1986
Robert Frank: New York to Nova Scotia

March 4–30, 1986
Post-1945 American Photography: Selections from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

*April 10–June 22, 1986
The Sonia & Kaye Marvins Portrait Collection

*April 4–June 7, 1987 
American Prospects: The Photographs of Joel Sternfeld

*February 27–May 1, 1988
Evocative Presence: Twentieth Century Photographs from the Museum Collection

May 15–July 10, 1988
Photographers and Authors: Portraits of Twentieth-Century Writers from the Carleton College Collection

*September 10–November 19, 1988
The American Classroom: The Photographs of Catherine Wagner

*February 11–April 30, 1989
The Art of Photography: 1839–1989 (co-organized with Royal Academy of Art and Australian National Gallery)

*June 11–August 13, 1989
The Private Eye: Selected Works from Collections of Friends of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

*September 8, 1989–January 7, 1990
Czech Modernism: 1900–1945

January 23–March 4, 1990
Photographic Masterworks: Recent Acquisitions from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

February 3–April 29, 1990
Recent Acquisitions: Houston Photographers

*February 3–April 22, 1990
Money Matters: A Critical Look at Bank Architecture (co-organized with Parnassus Foundation)

June 5–July 1, 1990
The Dawn of Sound

February 12–July 7, 1991
Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement

April 28–July 12, 1991
From Harlem to Hollywood: American Race Movies 1912–1948

July 28–September 8, 1991
Houston’s New Visionaries: An Exhibition of Student Photographs

November 10, 1991–January 12, 1992
Paul Strand

December 8, 1991–January 19, 1992
Past/Present: Photography from the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

*March 8–May 17, 1992
George Krause: Universal Issues

*May 3–August 9, 1992
Contemporary Mexican Photography

September 5–November 21, 1993
Texas Focus: Recent Acquisitions from the Mundy and Willour Collections

October 3–December 5, 1993
Two Lives: Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz

December 26, 1993–March 27, 1994
Josef Sudek Photographs

*January 16–March 27, 1994
Tradition and the Unpredictable: The Allan Chasanoff Photographic Collection

*December 18, 1994–February 5, 1995
Quest for the Moon and Other Stories: Three Decades of Astronauts in Space

*April 19–June 4, 1995
The Sonia and Kaye Marvins Portrait Collection

December 12, 1995–June 30, 1996
Voices of the American West from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

February 27–May 5, 1996
The Imaginary Real: Contemporary Photographs from the Permanent Collection

February 29–March 17, 1996
Photographs by Core Residents, Past and Present

*June 2–August 25, 1996
Crimes and Splendors: The Desert Cantos of Richard Misrach

November 16, 1996–February 1, 1998
The Dark Mirror: Picasso Photography and Painting

March 1–April 26, 1998
Years Ending in Nine

May 17–August 2, 1998
Photographic Journeys: Three Houston Neighborhoods

November 22, 1998–February 14, 1999
Rhapsodies in Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance

*December 6, 1998-February 28, 1999
Brassaï: The Eye of Paris

February 9–February 21. 1999
Positive/Negative: Photographs by ArtAccess Students

March 25–June 25, 2000
Jackson Pollock, Robert Frank, and the New American Vision: Drawings and Photographs from the Forties and Fifties

July 9, 2000–October 22, 2000
The Public Portrait: Photography by Edward Steichen, Richard Avedon, Irving Penn

October 28, 2000–January 28, 2001
The Pictures of Texas Monthly: Twenty-Five Years

July 14–October 14, 2001 
Robert Frank: A Retrospective from the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

September 30, 2001–February 3, 2002
Contemporary Art and Photography: Spotlight on the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

October 14–December 30, 2001
A Love Affair with Pictures: 25 Years of Collecting Photographs at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

*January 13–April 28, 2002
Louis Faurer Retrospective

February 2–April 28, 2002
Postwar Italian Photography

March 17–June 16, 2002
Dancer: 1999 Nudes by Irving Penn

May 8–September 12, 2002
New York: Yesterday and Tomorrow

May 12–August 4, 2002
Americanos: Latino Life in the United States

July 17–October 6, 2002
Photographs of Paris from the Manfred Heiting Collection

October 6, 2002–January 5, 2003
Alfred Stieglitz: Known and Unknown

November 8, 2002–March 9, 2003
New York, New York: Photographs of the Manfred Heiting Collection

February 14–May 4, 2003
Robert Frank Photographs: Selections

*March 2–April 27, 2003
The History of Japanese Photography

March 11–April 27, 2003
Japanese Photography in the Manfred Heiting Collection

May 17–August 10, 2003
For Robert: Images Given to Robert Frank by Other Artists

May 17–August 10, 2003
Contemporary Photography from the Manfred Heiting Collection

May 18–August 10, 2003
Learning from the Masters: The High School Photography Workshops

July 15–December 1, 2003
Prague and Its Environs: Photographs by Josef Sudek and the Czech Avant-Garde in the Manfred Heiting Collection

August 23, 2003–March 1, 2004
Contemporary Photography from the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

August 23–December 29, 2003
American Vision: Photographers from the East, Selections from the Manfred Heiting Collection Given by The Brown Foundation, Inc.

August 23, 2003–February 1, 2004
American Vision: Photographers from the West, Selections from the Manfred Heiting Collection Given by The Brown Foundation, Inc.

September 6, 2003–January 19, 2004
The American Landscape East to West: Themes in Painting and Photography, 1780–1910

*September 21, 2003–February 8, 2004
First Down Houston: The Birth of an NFL Franchise

December 22, 2003–February 29, 2004
Recent Acquisitions

February 29–May 23, 2004
MANUAL: Two WorldsThe Collaboration of Ed Hill and Suzanne Bloom
(The exhibition on view at the MFAH was expanded from the original selections on view at the International Center for Photography)

March 1, 2004–May 23, 2004
Pacific Views

May 24–August 2, 2004
Platinum Photographs, 1880–1930

July 3–September 26, 2004
Aaron Siskind: Centennial Celebration

October 16, 2004–January 16, 2005
Dahomey 1967: Photographs by Irving Penn

February 19–May 30, 2005
19th-Century Portraits: Turning Light into Silver

May 3–September 11, 2005
Photographs by Jim Dow: Baseball Stadiums, 19801982

May 22–August 21, 2005
The Latino Baseball Story: Photographs by José Luis Villegas

June 14–October 2, 2005
Sports Photography from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

November 23, 2005–March 19, 2006
Provocative Publications: Postwar Japanese Photography

February 11–May 7, 2006
Two Women Look West: Photographs of King Ranch by Helen C. Kleberg and Toni Frissell

February 20, 2006–June 4, 2006
Mark Seliger—In My Stairwell

April 29–July 23, 2006
Bringing Shadows to Light: Contemporary Argentine Photography

September 1, 2006–January 1, 2007
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders: Houstonians and their Dogs

December 1, 2006–February 19, 2007
Where Rivers Join the Sea: Photographs by Robert Adams and Marcos Zimmerman

December 3, 2006–February 25, 2007
The Target Collection of American Photography: A Century in Pictures

*April 1–August 12, 2007
The Great Wall of China: Photographs by Chen Changfen

August 21–January 13, 2008
Making the Ordinary Extraordinary: Books and Photographs by Lee Friedlander

January 15–May 4, 2008
Passionate Vision: Celebrating the Life and Photographic Work of Beaumont Newhall

February 2–April 27, 2008
Photographs by Bill Brandt: A Sense of Wonder

March 1–March 30, 2008
Recent Work: Glassell Studio School Photographers

May 13–September 14, 2008
African American Battlefields of the Civil War: Contemporary Photography by William Earle Williams

September 20, 2008–January 19, 2009
The Sounds I See: Photographs of Musicians

May 5–September 13, 2009
Ways of Seeing: Photography of Ishimoto Yasuhiro

*May 10–September 20, 2009
Amy Blakemore: Photographs 19882008

*October 18, 2009–January 3, 2010
Chaotic Harmony: Contemporary Korean Photographs

February 21–May 9, 2010
Ruptures and Continuities: Photography Made After 1960 from the MFAH Collection

January 18–May 16, 2010
Rogovin 101

*June 20–September 12, 2010
Katsura: Picturing Modernism in Japanese Architecture Photography of Ishimoto Yasuhiro

August 7–October 31, 2010
Richard Misrach: After Katrina

January 24–May 16, 2011
The Fine Line between Meaning and Mystery: Joseph Mills Photography

May 17–September 19, 2011
Simpson Kalisher: The Alienated Photographer

May 29–August 21, 2011
Beauty, Humor, and Social Justice: Gifts from Joan Morgenstern

*July 3–September 25, 2011
Helmut Newton•White Women•Sleepless Nights•Big Nudes

February 1–May 20, 2012
Snail Mail

*March 11–June 10, 2012
Utopia/Dystopia: Construction and Destruction in Photography and Collage

June 20–October 8, 2012
Public Dress

October 14, 2012–January 1, 2013
W. Eugene Smith & James Nachtwey

*November 11, 2012–February 3, 2013
WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath

November 11, 2012–February 10, 2013
Ewan Gibbs: Arlington National Cemetery

March 5–June 2, 2013
The Artist's Palette: Primary Colors on Paper

June 19–September 8, 2013
After Photoshop: Manipulated Photography in the Digital Age

July 13–September 8, 2013
Self, Model, and Self as Other

July 13–September 29, 2013
Minor White: Poetic Form

December 18, 2013–March 23, 2014
Jan Banning: Bureaucratics

February 9–May 4, 2014
Made for Magazines: Iconic 20th-Century Photographs

April 1–July 13, 2014
The Will to Architecture

June 15–September 14, 2014
Charles Marville: Photographer of Paris

May 20–September 28, 2014
Nicholas Nixon: The Brown Sisters

July 23–November 2, 2014
A Critical Eye: Mid-Century American Photographs from the Morgan Garwood Collection

August 31–November 30, 2014
Shadows on the Wall: Cameraless Photography from 1851 to Today

November 12, 2014–February 22, 2015
In a Snap: The Art of Vernacular Photography

November 1, 2014–March 8, 2015
A History of Photography I: Selections from the Museum's Collection

April 4–July 5, 2015
A Photographer’s Collection: Gifts from Michael and Michele Marvins

March 7–July 12, 2015
For a New World to Come: Experiments in Japanese Art and Photography, 1968–1979

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