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The Films of Robert Frank

The Museum has been involved with the moving-image work of photographer Robert Frank (1924–2019) since the early 1980s. This relationship began during research for the 1986 exhibition Robert Frank: New York to Nova Scotia. Learning from the artist that a fire had destroyed the original negative of his seminal first film, Pull My Daisy, the Museum obtained funding to work with Frank on its preservation. Additionally, the Museum produced a short documentary, Fire in the East: A Portrait of Robert Frank, with Houston PBS.

The Museum presented a retrospective of Frank’s film and video to accompany Robert Frank: New York to Nova Scotia and subsequently coordinated screenings at other institutions that presented the exhibition. Pleased by this initiative, the artist designated the MFAH as the repository of his film and video in 1987. He also provided copies of many of his films for the Museum’s collection. Preservation of additional Frank films was undertaken by the Museum in 1993.

The Museum manages the exclusive distribution of 25 of Frank’s films released from 1959 to 2009. Hundreds of screenings have been arranged at museums, universities, film festivals, and cultural institutions around the world. The Museum also serves as a resource on Frank’s films, assisting scholars, curators, researchers, and film critics.

Read descriptions of Frank’s films at the links below, and learn more about accessing the films.


  • Robert Frank: A Bibliography, Filmography, and Exhibition Chronology, 1946–1985
  • Robert Frank: New York to Nova Scotia

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