Junior School Spotlight

Teen Art Classes

The Glassell Junior School offers a variety of exciting classes for ages 14 to 18.

For registration information, call 713.639.7700.

Fall 2014 Courses

Acrylic Painting
Explore acrylic painting, working from still-life setups, the clothed human figure, landscapes, and your own imagination.
Drawing fundamentals are reviewed, and students build and stretch their own canvases.

Designed for both first-time and experienced students, this class offers instruction in throwing on the wheel, hand building, and creating clay sculptures. Surface design, glazing, and various decoration styles are explored.

• Digital Animation
Students learn the principles of animation including traditional cel, Flash, and computer graphic animation. The course focuses on creating an individual Flash animation. Students also draw their own storyboards and design characters.

Digital Art
Create art on a computer! Using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, learn the fundamentals of working with color, shape, design, and collage. Projects also include photo manipulation and enhancements.

• Drawing
Students receive individual attention to refine drawing skills. Projects focus on perspective, cast shadows, texture, line, and more.

Drawing and Painting
Technical instruction helps refine drawing and painting skills. Students plan their paintings as they progress from thumbnail sketches to finished work. Each student is required to keep a sketchbook, provided in class, as a diary of project notes and ideas. Individual attention from the instructor helps students reach their creative goals.

Fashion Design
Learn about fashion design through sketching, draping, patternmaking, sewing, and researching fashion history. Students create mini-collections by sketching out their designs, and produce a garment or accessory from that collection.

• Mixed Media
Students create 2-D and 3-D works of art combining traditional and nontraditional materials. Works by famous artists will be explored for inspiration.

Learn the fundamentals of taking pictures, developing film,and printing photographs. Once students understand the basics, creative approaches are explored. (A 35mm camera, film, and photographic paper are required. Please bring your camera to the first class meeting).

Reconstructed Fashion
Learn about garment construction and fashion design through the process of deconstructing previously made clothing and accessories and transforming them into your own original designs.