Junior School Spotlight

Teen Art Classes

The Glassell Junior School offers a variety of exciting classes for ages 14 to 18.

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Summer 2014 Courses

Acrylic Painting
Explore acrylic painting, working from still-life setups, the clothed human figure, landscapes, and the imagination! Drawing fundamentals are reviewed.

Animation II—Flash
This is a 2-week course. Learn animation and digital video-editing using Flash. Students learn techniques used by contemporary cartoonists and animators. This course may be repeated.

This is a 2-week course. Emphasis is placed on individual creativity and design skills as you receive instruction in hand building, throwing on the wheel, clay sculpture, special tools, and glazes.

• Composition and Drawing
Refine your drawing skills with projects that focus on line, texture, perspective, and shading. Learn how composition serves the intention of your work.

•  Digital Art
Create digital art by starting with a concept, making a sketch, refining it using the elements and principles of design, and finally completing the work in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Drawing and Painting
This course provides the technical instruction needed to refine your drawing and painting skills. Using a variety of media, you will work for a longer period of time on fewer projects and receive individual attention from the instructor to help define creative goals.

Fashion Drawing
Learn to draw the fashion figure. As an illustrator and designer, work from photographs and original sketches to create unique clothing designs. Use fabric samples, trim, and buttons to complete each layout.

• Fashion with a Twist
Students design and make unique clothing with a focus on the use of nontraditional components such as paper, plastic, and recycled materials.

Illustrating Children’s Books
Through the study of established book illustrators, explore different illustration techniques used to create children’s books and stories. Illustrate a children’s story using a variety of drawing and painting materials.

Ink, Press, Print
Students explore a variety of printmaking techniques and learn the basics of bookbinding. Prints created in class are bound into a variety of handmade books.

Portraits and the Human Figure
Explore the fundamentals of drawing and painting the human figure using a variety of basic materials and techniques.

Printmaking and Drawing
Learn a variety of printmaking techniques including monotype, woodblock, and relief. Make original sketches using the basic concepts of drawing, design, and composition.

Create an 11” x 14” self-portrait similar to the style of the Old Masters. After learning about composition, mixing skin tones, and showing drama, you will be able to create paintings worthy of framing!

This course helps students build their skills in 3-D art techniques including working with clay, plastercraft, wire, paper, and more.

• Theatrical Design
This class develops drawing and painting skills as students draw characters and costumes from current and past Broadway plays. A variety of drawing and painting media are used to develop the costume designs of these great period performances of Broadway.

Working Journal
Produce an artist’s journal filled with a variety of creative activities and innovative ideas, from pop-up art to conceptual work. The journal can be presented as a work of art in itself or used as a source to inspire major works.