Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child wear to art class?
Comfortable clothes that can get messy. Please be sure to stop by the front desk and ask about Junior School aprons and t-shirts!

What are the behavior expectations for art-class participants?
• Listen and follow instructions
• Participate in class activities
• Respect others
• Respect property
• Have fun!

Does the Junior School provide supervision before or after my child’s scheduled class time?
No. Children may be dropped off no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled class time and must be picked up promptly after class.

May I stay in the classroom with my child?
No. If you feel that your child is unable to remain in the classroom for more than a few minutes without you, wait another semester before sending him/her to art class. Independent learning and socialization are part of the art camp experience.

May I register my gifted child for an older age group?
No. Age requirements are strictly enforced and are nonnegotiable. All children must be registered in their correct age groups.

The class my child wants to take is full. Is there anything I can do to get him/her in this class?
After a class has reached the maximum enrollment, no additional students may register. There is a waiting list of three students per class. If space becomes available, these students will be called in the order their registrations were received.

Can I leave my child at the drop-off door at class time? Can I pick my child up there?
Not if your child is registered for a class in the 4–6 age group. All children ages 4–6 must be dropped off and picked up at the classroom each class meeting. Children in all other age groups may utilize the covered drop-off at the corner of Bayard and Bartlett streets (entrance on Berthea). Please refer to the map on the back cover.

Do you have change for the vending machines?
No. Please send change with your child for the vending machines.

A friend or relative is visiting from out of town. May he/she attend class as a guest with my child?
No. Only registered participants may attend class. Guests are not allowed in the classroom.