Detective Days at Bayou Bend

Mystery is afoot at Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens, where children ages 6 to 12 can unleash their inner sleuths to solve seasonal riddles with clues that teach them about horticulture, art, design, and American history. Each young detective receives a clipboard, a magnifying glass, and a dossier. Upon finishing their assignments, detectives return the equipment to the pickup point to receive a personalized certificate of completion. Hunts are divided into two recommended age groups: ages 6 to 9, and ages 10 to 12.

June 1August 31, 2014
"The Case of the Missing Trees" (gardens), ages 6 to 9
"Animal Footprints" (gardens), ages 10 to 12
"Mystery Meal" (house), ages 6 to 9
"In Pursuit of Pottery" (house), ages 10 to 12

Hunts in the gardens are available 10 a.m.–4 p.m. Tuesday–Saturday & 1–4 p.m. Sunday. Hunts in the house are available during self-guided tour hours, 1–4 p.m. Friday–Sunday.

Admission is $10 for adults, and free for children 18 and younger. One adult must accompany the party. No reservations are required.

Detective Days at Bayou Bend are generously supported by Denise Monteleone.