Detective Days at Bayou Bend

Mystery is afoot at Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens, where children ages 6 to 12 can unleash their inner sleuths to solve seasonal riddles with clues that teach them about horticulture, art, design, and American history. Each young detective receives a clipboard, a magnifying glass, and a dossier. Upon finishing their assignments, detectives return the equipment to the pickup point to receive a personalized certificate of completion.

September 16November 16, 2014
"It's Wild in Here" (house), ages 6 to 9
"The Architect's Evidence" (house), ages 10 to 12

September 16, 2014January 4, 2015
"Mysterious Messages" (gardens), ages 6 to 9
"Identify the Species" (gardens), ages 10 to 12

December 8, 2014January 4, 2015
"In Pursuit of Holidays Past" (house), ages 6 to 12


Hunts in the gardens: 10 a.m.–4 p.m. Tuesday–Saturday & 1–4 p.m. Sunday
Hunts in the house: 1–4 p.m. Friday–Sunday


$10 for adults
Free for children 18 and younger
Drop in! No reservations required. Each party should be accompanied by an adult.

Detective Days at Bayou Bend are generously supported by Denise Monteleone.