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A Wreath, A Tree, And Me: Poetry and Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Ideal for both parents and elementary-level educators, A Wreath, A Tree, and Me inspires children and students to learn about world art. The colorful pages of poetry and art can be enjoyed in the classroom, on-site in the Museum galleries, and at home.

Available for purchase in The MFAH Shop or loan through KFEC.

A View, A Clue, and You: Poetry and American Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Well suited both for individual use and the classroom, A View, A Clue, and You highlights 24 works of art from the MFAH collections. Each work is accompanied by a poem filled with rich vocabulary and engaging content, introducing children to a variety of media and styles in American art through visual exploration and interaction.

Available for purchase in The MFAH Shop or loan through KFEC.

Looking at Art: An Art History Survey at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Localize art history and learn about works of art in the MFAH collections. Looking at Art provides a brief history of some of the Museum's major collections, plus helpful strategies for writing about art. This book is an ideal resource for college students and adults to use on-site in the galleries.

Available for purchase in The MFAH Shop or loan through KFEC.
Also available for use on a Kindle e-reader.

Guide by Cell: Cell Phone Audio Tours

During your visit, access the Museum’s audio-tour program using your cell phone. Simply locate the works of art that feature the Guide by Cell logo, enter the guide number, and learn more about the art from artists, curators, and other experts. Guide by Cell is free—the only cost is the minutes used on your phone.

Teaching with Art

Teaching with Art is an exciting way to connect your classroom to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Discover how the MFAH collections of world art can be used to teach history, language arts, math, science, and social studies to students of all ages. Designed for educators of all grade levels and disciplines, the Teaching with Art website includes explorations on select works in the Museum's collection, teacher written lesson plans, a student art gallery, and more.

UIL A+ Art Resources

Are your students preparing for the University Interscholastic League (UIL) A+ Art competition? Visit the MFAH and study UIL-selected works of art in person. The UIL A+ Art Selections from the MFAH Collection guide leads you to these selections, giving you and your students the opportunity to engage with original works of art.

Stop by the Kinder Foundation Education Center, located on the lower level of the museum's Law Building, or visit mfah.org/KFEC to learn more. Download the UIL A+ Art Resources guide for a list of KFEC publications that include UIL-selected paintings at the MFAH. Book your self-guided school tour online.

What to See in an Hour

Let us help you create an unforgettable time of discovery! Follow What to See in an Hour for a guide of a "Top 18" list of artworks.

Gallery Activity: Bag of Questions

Gallery Activity: Sketch It Out

Gallery Activity: Art Detective Tools

Educator Packets: ArtCards

The Museum produces materials specially designed for classroom teachers. ArtCards explore works from the Museum's art collections, through discussion questions and classroom ideas.

See more ArtCards

Audio-Visual Resources (1 of 2)

The KFEC has hundreds of DVDs and audio recordiings available.

Art historian John Spike comments on The Gust of Wind by Gustave Courbet.

The Gust of Wind (Vimeo)

Audio-Visual Resources (2 of 2)

Art historian John Spike comments on Sheerness as Seen from the Nore by J. M. W. Turner.

Sheerness as Seen from the Nore (Vimeo)