Guidelines for Access to the MFAH Archives

Conducting Research

The MFAH Archives are open by appointment for scholarly research. Researchers must register and present a photo and/or student identification card. Personal belongings are subject to search. Access to archival material may be restricted by law, deed of gift, physical condition of the material, or the discretion of the archivist. Researchers assume full responsibility for complying with laws regulating copyright, privacy, and defamation in the use of archival holdings. Personal laptops may be used in the Reading Room. Photography is not permitted.


Publication Policies

Researchers must disclose to the archivist the intent to quote or cite archival material in a publication, and a complimentary copy of the publication must be provided to the MFAH Archives. In many instances, copyrights to photographs, sound recordings, and other materials in the archival holdings are retained by third parties. It is the responsibility of researchers to obtain permission from all copyright holders before publication.


Reproduction Policies

With the permission of the archivist, reproductions of most materials may be ordered, for a fee. No self-service photocopying is allowed. Permission to order reproductions may be denied based upon the fragility of the materials, size, or other considerations. Architectural drawings may not be traced or otherwise reproduced.



If ordering copies by phone, fax, or e-mail, please allow three weeks for your order to be processed.*

Type of Reproduction Price
Photocopies/low-resolution scans $.50
Photo prints made from  
Existing negative $12
Image with no existing negative $18.50
Duplicated from slides $8
Duplicated from negatives/photo prints $16.50
MFAH Records Management Guide  
Hardcopy $28
Database file $28
Additional Formats  
Audiocassettes/CDs** $15
Videocassettes/DVDs** $30
Fax/Rush orders $50
Publication-quality scans $30
Publication/Broadcast use $65
Per language use $65
Handling charge for mail orders $6

* Turnaround time is approximate and does do not include delivery.
** Pricing for conversion of non-standard audio-visual formats will be determined at time of request.


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