Teacher Workshops

Designed for small groups, in-depth teacher workshops use the Museum's art collections and exhibitions to introduce new ways of thinking about the curriculum and to show innovative teaching approaches. Each educator receives an illustrated teacher packet and a certificate of participation. Lunch is provided. Most workshops are approved by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

For more information, contact 713.639.7590 or schools@mfah.org.

Spring/Summer 2015 Teacher Workshops
($45 MFAH members, $50 nonmembers unless otherwise noted with *)

  • Saturday, February 7 | Cultures across the Curriculum | For elementary educators
  • Saturday, February 7 | Understanding Bias and Assumption | For middle-school educators
  • Saturday, February 21 | Pages of Possibility: Bookmaking and Altering | For K–12 educators
  • Saturday, March 28 | Take a TEK Trek Through America" | For elementary educators
  • Saturday, April 11 | CANCELED Connecting to the Curriculum: European Painting and Contemporary Asian Art* | For middle-school educators
  • Saturday, April 18 | The Figure in Full: No More Stick Figures! | For K–12 educators
  • Tuesday–Thursday, June 9–11 | Learning Through Art Summer Institute: Grades K–5*
  • Tuesday–Thursday, July 7–9 | Learning Through Art Summer Institute: Grades 6–12*

LTA/MFAH Workshops for Teachers

Learning Through Art at the MFAH (LTA/MFAH) connects the Museum's collections of world art into classroom curriculum for art, language arts, math, science, and social studies. LTA/MFAH bridges disciplines and curriculums to enable students to explore key concepts in the real world context of the art museum while teaching literacy and writing skills, math, science, and social studies. Use the Museum’s elementary and middle school curriculum to integrate higher level cognitive skills, such as observing and organizing information, making predictions, and communicating ideas and thoughts with art inquiry methods to ultimately promote the students’ development of 21st-century skills that are needed to succeed in the world.

Through discussions on works of art from the MFAH collections and hands-on art projects using everyday materials, LTA/MFAH teacher training introduces TEKS and STAAR-aligned lessons that use the visual arts to teach students how to think critically and creatively as well as encourage self-confident, self-motivated, and self-disciplined learners.

► List of LTA/MFAH Workshops 

Workshops can be customized to address specific content areas, STAAR, etc. To discuss your needs, contact resource@mfah.org or 713.639.7588.

Summer Mini-Conference for Teachers

Tuesday & Wednesday, July 28 & 29, 2015
8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.

At this annual two-day event, teachers attend sessions presented by artists and art educators on art-making, art history, and art education. Each session is based on works of art from the MFAH art collections and includes a studio component. Teachers may participate on one or both days. Tickets & More Info

The Learning Through Art program at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, receives generous funding from the Kinder Foundation and NORDSTROM.

All Learning and Interpretation programs at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, receive endowment income from funds provided by the Louise Jarrett Moran Bequest; Caroline Wiess Law; the William Randolph Hearst Foundation; The National Endowment for the Humanities; the Fondren Foundation; BMC Software, Inc.; the Wallace Foundation; the Neal Myers and Ken Black Children’s Art Fund; the Favrot Fund; and Gifts in honor of Beth Schneider.