The Power of Observation

MFAH Collaborates with Urban Education Department at the University of Houston-Downtown

Students enrolled in urban education classes at the University of Houston-Downtown visit the MFAH for a four-part course that stretches over two years. Developed through a collaboration between UH-D professors and MFAH Education Department staff members, this program strengthens students' observation skills, building confidence in understanding and teaching with the visual arts.

Sessions Increase Teacher Effectiveness

More than 250 pre-service teachers participate in the Power of Observation each semester. Research shows that the new skills these university students develop in visual perception, deductive reasoning, and communication increase their effectiveness in the classroom. 

One of the sessions is taught by Rita Whiteman and LuAnn Turley (pictured at center), who have worked with the Museum for nearly 20 years and are the authors of two poetry books for children. A Wreath, A Tree, and Me and A View, A Clue, and You are available at the MFA Shop.