About the Internship & Fellowship Program

For decades, the MFAH has welcomed interns and fellows in many areas of the Museum’s operations. In 1990, a more formalized program was established, providing practical experience and professional guidance to students striving for museum careers.

MFAH interns and fellows have the opportunity to:

  • Enhance learning by gaining first-hand experience working on one or more meaningful project(s) under the guidance of experienced professionals
  • Discover one or more mentors who can provide perspective about educational paths and professional goals
  • Broaden understanding of museum careers and interrelated areas of Museum operations during Friday presentations and outings
  • Enjoy fellowship with other MFAH interns during optional socials at the Museum and around Houston

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Questions? E-mail interns@mfah.org

In addition to internships, the MFAH offers numerous volunteer opportunities. Learn more about volunteering.

The MFAH Intern & Fellow Experience

“Working [as an Intern] in the Education department really does combine my passion for art and education very well. One thing that I really enjoy about working in family programs is being able to help create a dialogue between adults and children....This experience is not just a résumé booster; it has completely changed the way I think of my future.”
—Denise Gonzalez, summer 2013, family programs intern

“As is the case for most projects of this nature, my work began by familiarizing myself with [James] Turrell’s biography, his various bodies of work, and his enduring relationship with Houston. I immersed myself in in-depth research and writing, which included catalogue entries on each of the Turrell works in the MFAH’s unparalleled collection, and subsequently the wall labels to the exhibition.”
—Katia Zavistovski, summer 2013, contemporary art & special projects fellow

The Summer Internship Program at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, receives generous funding from ExxonMobil; the International Fine Print Dealers Association Foundation; the Lubrizol Foundation; and Gifts in honor of Beth Schneider.