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Visiting the Museum

These links provide information and helpful hints for students and instructors.

Internships & Fellowships

Would you like to be an intern or fellow at the MFAH? Internships and fellowships are offered by the Museum’s many departments throughout the year and give students first-hand experience in their areas of interest or study.

Art & Art History

The MFAH offers programs and resources that relate to university courses and general interests in art, art history, and visual studies.

Art & Medicine

Interested in the intersection of art and science? The MFAH works with local medical and dental schools through innovative programs that emphasize observation.

Education Majors

If you are studying to be a teacher, explore these links about integrating the visual arts into lesson plans, and about the MFAH collaboration with the University of Houston-Downtown’s Urban Education Department.


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Little Artists
Treasures of the MFAH

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