Citywide African American Artists Exhibition

The biennial Citywide African American Artists Exhibition is open to all artists of the African Diaspora in the greater Houston area. The initiative offers artists the opportunity to show their work to a broader public, and to the collecting community. In 2013, the Glassell School of Art hosted the 17th exhibition, sponsored by the MFAH through the patron group Five-A (African American Art Advisory Association) and the Houston Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC). For additional information, contact Jason Moodie at or 713.639.7835.

Five-A, the African American Art Advisory Association at the MFAH, was established in 1993 to enhance the Museum’s collections of African American and African art. At the end of each year, Five-A uses its membership dues and other fundraising proceeds to purchase major works for the Museum. In addition to sponsoring acclaimed artists, Five-A also has championed artists that history has overlooked. The support and guidance of Five-A has been instrumental in shepherding up-and-coming artists into the collection. Since its founding, Five-A has brought 44 objects into the Museum’s collection.