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Courtesy of UCLA Film & Television Archive

Law Building, Lower Level
1001 Bissonnet
Map & Directions

Directed by Anthony Mann




56 minutes



Strangers in the Night

The inky noir style and fatalist themes that would emerge full force in director Anthony Mann’s T-Men (1948) and Border Incident (1949) begin to take shape in this early, gothic B-thriller about a returning vet lured into a psychological nightmare by the promise of love. While recovering from combat wounds he received in the South Pacific, Marine Sergeant Johnny Meadows (William Terry) starts up a correspondence with a woman whose name he finds written inside a book of poetry. The exchange turns romantic and upon his release, Meadows’ sights turn to California, where his mysterious pen pal, Rosemary Blake, lives. Upon arriving at the brooding mansion, however, Meadows meets Rosemary’s mother (Helen Thimig), who invites him in and makes excuses for her absent daughter. The shadows close in from there as Meadows and the town’s new doctor begin to unravel Hilda’s veil of secrecy, threatening to expose a dangerous and deadly truth. – UCLA