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Courtesy of Park Circus

La terra vista dalla luna

Law Building
1001 Bissonnet
Map & Directions

Directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini

1966-1968, in Italian with English subtitles


75 minutes




Short Films 1

THE EARTH AS SEEN FROM THE MOON / LA TERRA VISTA DALLA LUNA (1966, 30 min.)  Follow a father and son duo who must find a replacement for their wife/mother figure. Pasolini continues to stretch as a filmmaker both comic and poetic, a role established with Hawks and Sparrows.

WHAT ARE THE CLOUDS? / CHE COSA SONO LE NUVOLIE? (1967, 22 min.) A clumsy, amateur puppet version of Shakespeare’s Othello. Both the public and the puppeteer play a great role in the play, which goes downhill fast. It eventually results in the puppets (played by Toto and Ninetto Davoli) being thrown into a rubbish dump, only to discover the marvel of the sky for the first time.

THE PAPER FLOWER SEQUENCE / LA SEQUENZA DEL FIORE DI CARTA (1968, 12 min.) From the anthology film Love and Anger (Amore e rabbia), “[Pasolini’s film] is a reference to the Gospel parable called ‘The Barren Fig Tree,’ where Christ strikes down a fig tree because it isn’t bearing fruit in March, although it could hardly have known better. In the episode, Ninetto is shown happily walking down the via Nazionale in Rome, while in superimposition there are images of various things going on in the world, such as the bombing of Vietnam, of which the man remains blissfully ignorant and unaware.”