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Texas Independent Film Network

The Texas Independent Film Network (TIFN) is a statewide coalition of film societies, universities and independent theaters united for the purpose of screening Texas independent film. Each month, TIFN takes a different Texas film on a circuit across the state. TIFN partners with respected film organizations like the Austin Film Society, Video Association of Dallas, Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP), Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, and the Lone Star Film Society to help spread the word and guide programming decisions.

Past Films in This Series


Harmony and Me

Directed by Bob Byington
Actress Margie Beegle in attendance! Set in Austin, this indie comedy from helmer Bob Byington has played all over the world and now makes a tour of Texas. Musician Justin Rice (Mutual Appreciation, lead singer of Bishop Allen) stars as the motor-mouthed Harmony; Kevin Corrigan (Pineapple Express) is his sidekick; and Houstonian Margie Beegle makes a memorable screen debut as Harmony's mother. Byington’s Harmony and Me presents a heartfelt portrait of a bright guy and the unsympathetic buddies forced to deal with ... more info

Slacker 2011

Directed by Various
In 1991, Richard Linklater's Slacker inspired a generation of American filmmakers by exploring the subculture of Austin in a loose narrative with a tapestry of quirky characters. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of that iconic movie, 24 of Austin’s top filmmakers banded together to update Slacker with their own perspectives. Slacker 2011 is a stream-of-consciousness chronicle of a day in Austin, presenting the city-dwellers, dragworms, proto-hipsters, and locations that give the city its identity. The film showcases a transformed town next to things that never change. ... more info

An Ordinary Family

Directed by Mike Akel
Director Mike Akel in Person Houston-based filmmaker Mike Akel (Chalk) returns to the MFAH with his latest feature. An Ordinary Family is a humorous drama about one family, two brothers, and a really big problem. The Biedermans’ annual family reunion gets rocky when Seth arrives with his new boyfriend. No one bats an eye except his brother Thomas, a married man of the cloth. Despite a well-meaning attempt to surprise everyone, things do not go as planned, throwing Thomas and the ... more info

Man on a Mission

Directed by Mike Woolf
Firmly ensconced in the geeky pantheon of computer legends since high school, Richard Garriott can afford to pursue his dreams—even the wildly improbable ones like following in the footsteps of his astronaut father, Owen K. Garriott. If NASA refuses to consider you because of bad vision, pioneer your own private space industry and buy a $30 million seat on a Russian Soyuz! Funny and invigorating, Man on a Mission tags along with Richard on his years-long quest to be the ... more info