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Courtesy of GKids


Law Building, Lower Level
1001 Bissonnet
Map & Directions

Directed by Various directors


Various countries

38 minutes


Party Mix 2011

Free with museum admission.

A selection of entertaining, thought-provoking, and visually stunning short films for ages 7 to 14. 

(UK, 2010, 2 min.)
Animation, Sumo Science
Multiple Oscar®-winning studio Aardman Animations (Wallace & Gromit, Creature Comforts) has created the world's smallest stop-motion character. Dot measures just 9mm tall and was animated using a microscope and tweezers. In this miniature escape adventure, Dot runs away from unraveling thread, jumps over pins, and hitches a ride on the back of a bee... all before grabbing a pair of nails and wielding them like swords.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On
(USA, 2010, 3 min.)
Animation, Dean Fleischer-Camp 
An up-close and personal interview with Internet video star Marcel, a tiny shell with one eyeball, two shoes, and a really great personality!

Don’t Go
(Turkey, 2010, 4 min.)
Animation/Live Action, Turgut Akacik
Awesome, thumpy, electronic disco music propels this non-stop chase scene of a movie – as a cute, pink-bellied, one-eyed CGI bunny gets chased around an apartment by a live action black cat.

(Canada, 2009, 2 min.)
Experimental Renaud Hallee 
Falling objects are synchronized to produce rhythms and patterns.

(Germany, 2010, 4 min.)
Animation, Malena Modéer
Colorful stop motion, goofy live action, surreal homemade sets, and a ridiculous pigeon costume come together to humorous effect in the story of Johnny – a hilariously narrated, tongue-in-cheek fable about what happens to little boys who don’t drink their milk!

The Deep
(USA, 2010, 2 min.)
Animation, PES
Metallic objects come to life in the depths of the sea, in the newest film from New York’s brilliant stop-motion artist PES (Western Spaghetti, Dogs of War, and Game Over).

The Incident at Tower 37
(USA, 2009, 11 min.)
Animation, Chris Perry
A guard at a futuristic water tower intercepts a covert band of amphibian creatures trying to destroy the tower to rehydrate their planet.

Fluffy McCloud
(Ireland, 2010, 3 min.)
Animation, Conor Finnegan
A short film about mans’ mixed relationship with Mother Nature. Fluffy McCloud uses his powers of precipitation mostly to annoy. But when one of his pranks causes near calamity, he decides to use his meteorological skills to make people happy.

(France, 2010, 3 min.)
Animation, Patrick Jean
Old-school video game icons take over New York City (and the world) in this music video for French techno-pop band Naïve New Beaters.

The Lost Thing
(Australia/UK, 2010, 16 min.)
Animation, Andrew Ruhemann/Shaun Tan
A boy encounters a strange creature on a beach and decides to find a home for it in a world where everyone believes there are far more important things to think about. This beautifully animated film comes from Passion Pictures, producers of past NYICFF favorites City of Paradise and Dog Who Was a Cat Inside.

(USA, 2010, 5 min.)
Animation, Kirsten Lepore
This transoceanic love story, animated in stop motion on the beach, forest, and undersea, details a long distance friendship that blossoms between a sandman and a snow woman who exchange gifts via a bottle in the water. But sand and snow cannot withstand water, so how can the two hope to be together?

(USA,, 2010, 13 min.)
Live Action, David Yarovesky
A story about a boy who was born a giant. Featuring Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville) and Harland Williams (Half Baked).