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Law Building, Lower Level
1001 Bissonnet
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Directed by Jacqueline Harlow and Jesse Bradley




71 minutes



Malayaka House

Introduced by Robert Fleming and director Jacqueline Harlow

Robert Fleming traveled to Uganda and became aware of the urgent needs of ill and abandoned children. An unlikely activist, he was inspired to found Malayaka House, an orphanage that offers the children a home, healthcare, and education.

Inspiring and eye-opening, this documentary reveals how Malayaka House serves as a community center that employs local women to care for the children. The film also shows how Malayaka House has become a model for developing sustainable resources in rural communities.

Originally from California, Robert Fleming’s path led him to St. Michaels College to coach the men’s tennis team and help to develop the college’s MOVE (Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts) Program by arranging service trips to the developing world. Robert traveled to Uganda to scout locations for the next student service trip. While in Entebbe, Uganda, he was entrusted by local Ugandan authorities to care for a newborn baby who had been rejected by her mother. More children soon found their way to Robert, who could not turn his back on these innocent lives. He decided to remain in Uganda to raise these children, started an orphanage home, and called it Malayaka House, named after the baby who had started it all. More than five years after its birth, Malayaka House is a thriving hive of activity, which now houses 36 children, employs 6 local women, and creates opportunities for its teenage girls through revenue-generating projects.

Raised in New York with ties to Vermont, Jacqueline Harlow's background spans many avenues of creativity.  From the fast-paced world of the fashion and music industries in New York City to the Coastal Southern vibe of local news and advertising in Wilmington, Jackie has worn many hats in the marketing, promotions, design, and advertising worlds, the most recent being advertising video producer.  An avid volunteer, she has used her production and marketing skills to create fundraising videos for local non-profit organizations such as the Red Cross and Toys for Tots, which won a Telly Awards in 2009. She met Robert for the first time at the Entebbe Airport, and soon realized the story of Malayaka House would become a full-length documentary film. Jackie has also been very active in the marketing and publicity of Malayaka House, creating brochures, business cards, presentations, and press releases. She was the photographer for the project, and produced images that she used to create posters, mounted portraits of the children, and on the website. She is still actively involved with Malayaka House and has become great friends with Robert Fleming. She plans to return to Malayaka House in October of 2011, to visit with the children who now hold a very special place in her heart.