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61 minutes



Extremely Young Film Festival

Tickets are free. Reserve your seats in advance!

Aurora Picture Show and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, proudly present the inaugural Extremely Young Film Festival, showcasing the innovative talents of youth and teen filmmakers from around the world. Extremely Young puts the spotlight on films shorter than three minutes, by filmmakers younger than 18. This festival celebrates the artistic, creative, and technical strengths of the voices that are the future of media expression.

On February 28, meet Extremely Young Film Festival juror Chris Strompolos at the screening of his film “Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation.”

Films by Teens (ages 1317)

La Pulga de Cole's, Elizabeth Sandoval, Texas
"From the perspective of a character who recalls joyous childhood memories at a flea market in a Spanish-speaking country. The character recalls these memories while walking through a closed, foggy flea market. However, the footage is all taken from different places around Houston."

The Canvas of Tomorrow, Jennifer Cuello, Texas
"Youth making a stand for their passion not letting anything stop them. Pushing themselves to express or show their love for what they do in the world. We chose our destiny."

Spider Dog, Emily Berens, Wisconsin
"A superhero character, named Spider Dog, intervenes to stop criminal high jinks involving two thugs and a friendly neighborhood taco truck."

Cut Voices, Tastes Like Paint, Minnesota
"Cut Voices is a 16mm experimental film created by high school students at the Rochester Art Center. In the vein of artist Maya Deren students created a narrative through visuals and sound, abstaining from dialogue."

Rearranged, Abbey Sacks, Michigan
"This experimental film explores the mind of a kid who feels lost and unable to connect to anyone around him, as well as trapped by the social conditioning in his culture."

Mother Nature, Abbey Sacks, Michigan
"This short is about industrialization, representing how it has affected the simple beauty of our earth. It follows the journey of 'Mother Nature,' who discovers the disorienting world outside of the forest."

Fly on the Walmart, Anna Peters, Texas
"Checking in on the various regions of the Walmartian underbelly."

The Quest of the One-Armed Hobo, Emily Richendollar, Ohio
"One man, with one arm, will fight his way through incredible obstacles to find shelter. Confronted by an oncoming storm, he is faced with overwhelming challenges.  Witness him... knocking on doors... With one arm! Tremble! as he's attacked by a man . . . with TWO ARMS."

Wonderland, Alex Thompson and Ellis Burlington, Texas
"A reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland using green screen, stop motion
animation, and various other techniques."

ILL, Adrian Perez, Texas
"This piece was made to express my nauseated reaction to mundane occurrences in my day to day life."

Happiness and Harmony, Adrian Perez, Texas
"This piece is my experimentation of a combination of personal and appropriated footage. The imagery is arranged to persuade the audience they've witnessed something profound."

Focus, Adrian Perez, Texas
"This piece serves to portray the overwhelming result television and moving images on screens have on their audiences."

Lo, Nuri Craig, Texas
"A girl unmasking herself to be comfortable in her own skin"

Wake Up, Marlene Marlowe, Texas
"A representation of the painful repetition we endure on a daily basis."

Time War, Anna Waters, Texas
"A short animation to the Doctor Who rhyme Time War. Does not contain spoilers."

Kiss Me, I'm Artist, James Kerley, Texas
"For a performance and installation gallery exhibition, I created a kissing booth called 'Kiss Me, I'm Artist' where I invited people from my school to kiss me at the opening of the exhibition."

Religious Debate, Jimmy Papik, California
"A documentary short about tolerance and understanding."

Right Here on Venice Pier, Tal Day, California
"This documentary short is about fishing for sustenance in Venice, California."

In the Mind, Emily Berens, Wisconsin
"This is a short story about the interior life of a middle school boy. It shows the joy and imagination underneath a veneer of indifference in his external persona."

Na straganie (At the stall), Turcanu Valter, Selickaia Alisa, Rogova Mari, Puhlitscaia Alexandra, Moldova
Based on poem of Jan Brzechwa.

Films by Youth (ages 12 & younger)

Allow Us to Illustrate, 5th Grade Fugleflick Film Filmmakers, Illinois
"A group of students use original music, drawings, and animations to convince their teacher to allow them to illustrate."

Origami Crane, Joseph Orr, Andrew Lu, Jonathan Lu, Shaeli Halliburton, Texas
"An origami crane breathes life into a barren world."

The World I Imagine, Looscan Elementary, Houston
"A stop-motion film based on lines complied from student poems."

Star Girl, Ari F'Letcher- Bai, Texas
"The story of StarGirl."

Majestic Hand, Nina Mussa and Ezra Abdel-Aquil, Texas
"A hand that is able to produce magical objects."

Food Web, Henry Robbins, Ohio
"This film was created in 2013 by the 5th-grade gifted students at Hanby Elementary in Westerville, Ohio. The project began with individual student research projects, each about a specific animal. Students used what they had learned about their animals to create and choreograph clay characters into an animated film."

Come Little Children Music Video, Natasha Haq, Texas
"A shadow comes and takes little children from their homes at night."