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Courtesy of Film Republic

Law Building
1001 Bissonnet
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Directed by Adrián Saba

2011, in Spanish with English subtitles


95 minutes



The Cleaner


In Person: Actor Victor Prada

A mysterious epidemic has Lima’s citizens dropping like flies. Forensic cleaner Eusebio’s (Victor Prada) job is to disinfect the homes of the recently dead. During a routine sterilization of what he believes to be an empty apartment, he is surprised to discover young Joaquin (Adrian Du Bois) hiding in the closet. When the city’s overcrowded orphanages refuse Joaquin, Eusebio decides to look after the boy himself. What ensues is a poignant and moving story of an unexpected friendship, effectively combining science fiction with Latin American Neorealism. Newcomer Adrián Saba’s debut creates a metaphorical picture of Latin America, a society of extreme disparity and stark contrasts, yet a place where kindness and generosity reign despite the surrounding death and decay.

Born in Lima, actor Victor Prada is also a theater and TV producer. He studied at the National Drama Institute of Peru, and he worked at the country's most renowned theaters while participating in and directing several television productions. He has appeared in films such as Abisa a los compañeros, Una Raya más al tigre, Octubre ​(Latin Wave 2010), and the forthcoming El Evangelio de la carne.