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1001 Bissonnet
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Directed by Norry Niven



116 minutes



Chasing Shakespeare

Presented as part of the Houston Cinema Arts Festival field trip program. Pass holders welcome, but seating not guaranteed. Please contact if you plan to attend.

This enchanting love story about a young Native American woman’s search for her destiny, and her widower husband’s attempts to reunite with her after her death, is an emotional and dreamlike experience not to be missed. In flashbacks, Chasing Shakespeare recounts the beginning, end, and rebirth of a love affair between William (Danny Glover) and Venus (Tantoo Cardinal) in rural Arkansas.

William, now mourning the passing of his beloved, recalls how his younger self (Mike Wade) first fell for the Shakespeare-loving Venus (Chelsea Ricketts), a member of the mystical American Indian Lightning Clan. Though society, circumstance, and familial pressures conspire to keep them apart, William finally makes his way to New York City, joining Venus in a traffic-stopping, impromptu performance of the Bard’s The Tempest. In the present, William begins seeing visions of his departed wife—visions his grown son attributes to a declining mental state until son and father share a miraculous, life- and love-affirming moment together. Ashley Bell, and the Oscar-nominated Graham Greene, also star. Based on a screenplay by James Bird.

About the Filmmaker
Born and raised in Texas, director Norry Niven is the founder of Dallas-based commercial production company Stone Core Films and Los Angeles-based Three-One-0. He has directed spots around the world for clients including Disney, Electronic Arts, Ford, HBO, McDonald's, Nestle, and Showtime.