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Courtesy of Rialto Pictures

Law Building
1001 Bissonnet
Map & Directions

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock




105 minutes


Celebrate the Hitchcock Silents series with a champagne toast in the Museum galleries between the two features this evening: Blackmail and Champagne.

A combination of romantic comedy and melodrama, Champagne revolves around a millionaire’s decision to feign bankruptcy in order to teach his frivolous “flapper” daughter (played by the great Betty Balfour) a lesson. Built around Balfour’s effervescent energy, this early example of Alfred Hitchcock’s long-term fascination with the foibles of the filthy rich features some great experimental touches, including an opening shot filmed through a raised champagne glass.

Rialto Pictures Release. Restoration by the BFI National Archive in association with STUDIOCANAL. Principal restoration funding provided by The Eric Anker-Petersen Charity. Additional funding provided by Deluxe 142.