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Law Building
1001 Bissonnet
Map & Directions

Directed by Stanley Kubrick



184 minutes


Ryan O'Neal stars as an 18th-century Irish cad whose lack of integrity leads him down a path of self-destruction. During adolescence, he falls foolishly in love, then must abandon the area after a duel. He absentmindedly enlists in the British Army and ends up deserting from not one, but both sides. Eventually he marries a beautiful and wealthy countess (Marisa Berenson) who learns firsthand what it feels like to lose everything. Based on the William Makepeace Thackeray novel.

“Stanley Kubrick’s magisterial Thackeray adaptation now stands as one of his greatest and most savagely ironic films, not to mention one of the few period pieces on celluloid so transporting that it seems to predate the invention of cameras . . . The film's greatness can make a viewer feel like a speck in the cosmos.” —The Village Voice

About the house: Hackton Castle’s exterior is that of Castle Howard (York, North Yorkshire). The majority of the interiors were filmed in Wilton House (Wiltshire), while Corsham Court contributed the music room.