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Law Building
1001 Bissonnet
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Directed by Ziad Doueiri

2012, in Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles


102 minutes



The Attack

Introduced by Carroll Parrott Blue*
Post-screening Skype Q&A with Ziad Doueiri**

This morally complex thriller set in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict follows an Arab surgeon (Ali Suliman) who has a promising career in Tel Aviv. When the victims of a terrorist bombing at a restaurant are brought to his hospital, he is shocked to find his beloved wife (Reymond Amsalem) among the dead. Furthermore, it becomes clear that she is the primary suspect in the incident, something he initially refuses to believe. Determined to understand her secret life, he heads to the West Bank and is devastated to learn the motivations for her actions.

*Carroll Parrott Blue is a University of Houston research professor and an award-winning filmmaker, author, and interactive multimedia producer. 

**Ziad Doueiri, a Lebanese-born cinematographer, film director, and writer, is best known for his award-winning film "West Beirut" and is a former student of Carrol Parrott Blue.